A podcast where a married couple watched Gilmore Girls and Dragon Ball Z one episode at a time

Series is complete, all episodes can be accessed here.

Bonus: Legend - A Dragon Ball Tale


Episode Notes

We're back in your feeds to tell you:

  1. Thank you for everyone who donated to abortion charities after our post.
  2. The Gohan and Rory fund is still open and we'll match any funds you donate to abortion related charities. If you don't know if it'll apply, feel free to ask and we'll probably say yes.
  3. Legend - A Dragon Ball Tale was sick, dope, rad, and a lot of other 90s words to say "You should watch it." And you should watch it. Link here: Legend - A Dragon Ball Tale
  4. When Naseer Pasha was nice enough to give us permission to record this episode, he wanted us to make it clear that this was a passion project and he made NO money off it. We also made no money off of this. He and the team at Studio Stray Dog made a fantastic passion project, and we made this episode for the sheer love of Dragon Ball.
  5. The National Network of Abortion Funds - This isn't the only charity that will work, but it is the one we mentioned in the episode

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