A podcast where a married couple watched Gilmore Girls and Dragon Ball Z one episode at a time

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The Gohan and Rory Fund

The Gohan and Rory Fund is BACK OPEN

Now matching donations for abortion rights!


Counting matches from GBZ and other sources, our total impact is $4,452.00!

What is it?

This started as the Gohan and Rory Bookclub Fund, where people could donate to a great education charity and we could make some silly bonus episodes. With the recent attack on human rights by the US Supreme Court, we have reopened the fund in 2022 to support abortion rights. We may expand this to other topics that are likely to be under attack next (contraception, gay rights, gay marriage, etc.)

How do I participate?

All you have to do is donate money to any fund or charity that is fighting for abortion rights, then send your receipt or other proof of donation to [email protected]. We will match that donation. If you aren't sure if a fund qualifies, feel free to ask us before you donate and we'll let you know.

Past Unlocks

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