A podcast where a married couple watched Gilmore Girls and Dragon Ball Z one episode at a time

Series is complete, all episodes can be accessed here.

The Gohan and Rory Fund

The Gohan and Rory Fund is CLOSED

Thank you so much for your donations over the years!


Counting matches from GBZ and other sources, our total impact was $3,957.00!

What is it?

This started as the Gohan and Rory Bookclub Fund, where people could donate to a great education charity and we could make some silly bonus episodes. Since then, 2020 happened, and although literacy still matters, we wanted you to have some more options for where we'll match donations. We no longer produce bonus episodes as the show is over, but still strongly believe in these charities.

What if I still want to donate?

We are no longer matching donations or funding bonus episodes for the G&R Fund as the podcast is over, but if you still want to give to the charities we support, here is the list:

Past Unlocks

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