A podcast where a married couple watched Gilmore Girls and Dragon Ball Z one episode at a time

Series is complete, all episodes can be accessed here.

About Us

Gilmore Ball Z is a podcast where a married couple introduce each other to Gilmore Girls and Dragon Ball Z hoping to find common ground.


Why? Why make this podcast?

Because the internet age means anyone can create and distribute content and we went mad with that power.

Why are you watching Dragon Ball Z Kai instead of the original?

Two major reasons!

  1. While there are definitely some great "filler" episodes of DBZ, a LOT of the filler material is just dead air. "Goku and Frieza punched each other some more..." would not make for exciting podcasting. Kai is still not super fast paced, but it at least keeps the story moving so there's more to discuss on the mic.
  2. More importantly, DBZK is just closer to the same number of episodes as Gilmore Girls. Using the original DBZ would require watching multiple episodes for each episode of GG, which would make this podcast significantly more work.

Will you be watching [my favorite ancillary material]?

Possibly! In fact, we may have already! Pop over to The Gohan and Rory Fund to learn more and see what bonus episodes we have done, including ancillary DBZ material such as specials and movies, but also content starring other Gilmore actors.

If you don't see your favorite on the page, feel free to reach out to us and let us know you want to see it, and we'll consider it for the next stretch goal.

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